Our Customers and Our Mission

At CamlockDirect.com, we specialize in meeting the needs of our customers. While we carry a substantial range of products, we do our best to meet the demands of the individual. Our products are used everyday and have a wide variety of applications, ranging from wineries to nuclear power plants.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide superb quality and top-notch products to our customers while maintaining unbeatable prices. Our goal is to help supply the tools our customers need in order to complete the task at hand. We hold true to the notion that no situation is too demanding, and that we will strive to deliver the necessary tools as quickly as we are able to our customers.

CamlockDirect is one of the largest online distributors of cam & groove fittings and related supplies in the United States. We also maintain the largest inventory in the country, which enables us to complete orders the same day.